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When it comes to your health, we put basics first.

Wellness Resources - Articles, Websites, Recipes and more!

Feel free to browse the articles and wellness websites below.

  • Optimizing your Nervous System - Though chiropractors are very highly trained in spinal anatomy and function, their main focus is on optimizing your nervous system. This may mean adjusting joints that are moving improperly, which "afferentates" (stimulates) nerves, in effect waking them up for duty. Spinal nerves branch directly off the central nervous system (spinal cord), and the surrounding spinal bones, ligaments, muscles, and discs have a profound effect on these nerves and their targets. Wherever your chiropractor's hands and focus are, he or she is highly likely to be focused on your nervous system and your whole body's well-being, not just a part of it.
  • Preventative Chiropractic Care - Treat chiropractic care like dentistry: Get care for pain, but also go regularly for check-ups to catch little problems before they can become big ones. Preventative care is good for your spine!
  • 12 Reasons Chiropractic is #1 Choice for Back Pain
  • 5 Tips for Sitting and Standing Properly - Learn the latest tips on how to sit and stand properly, each and every time. Doing this consistently may save you a host of pains and problems.
  • H1N1, "The Flu," and YOU - Things You May Not Know - This article answers questions such as: What are the two major ways to gain immunity to a virus?
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Diet (You Are What You Eat!) - Just like anti-inflammatory drugs combat the inflammatory cycle, pro-inflammatory substances in our diet can predispose our bodies towards inflammation.
  • Find Your Game - “Find Your Game” means achieving optimal function at any level of fitness. That includes everyone from athletes to office workers, young and old. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) encourages everyone to use the month of October to resolve to be your best, feel your best, and perform your best. Read about the reasons not to 'play through the pain', treating the cause and not the symptoms, and a new technique doctors of chiropractic are using to treat musculoskeletal injuries.
  • October is National Chiropractic Health Month! The 2012 theme — “Discover Chiropractic: Find Your Game” —focuses on how everyone can take steps toward optimal health, wellness and functioning. everyday victories are possible with just a few healthy lifestyle changes. Whatever your goal is, I can help you by providing nutrition counseling, exercise recommendations, lifestyle advice and natural, drug-free approaches to treating aches and pains such as spinal manipulation. Check the ChiroHealthy website - a terrific website with information on Finding Your Game, Overcoming Fatigue, Nutrition for Athletes and the Rest of Us, and more!
  • Hints & Tips for Minimizing Down-time due to Sports-Related Injuries - Basic tips, but well worth repeating.
  • Investing in Wellness - Seven tips for protecting ourselves and our families from the ever-rising costs of sickness, injury, and aging.
  • Tips for Holiday Stress Relief - Exercise is a very powerful tool that not only protects your heart and blood vessels, it also protects your brain and is a natural mood elevator.
  • How Chiropractic Care Can Help Prevent Falls - Seniors may have deficits in middle ear function as well as poor feedback from malfunctioning or arthritic knees, hips, and spines. Arthritis and other motion-deficits in the neck can severely impact normal balance. Doctors of chiropractic are uniquely trained in assessing and normalizing joint function. A well-coordinated nervous system means a well-coordinated, safer YOU!
  • How Cryotherapy and Contrast Therapy Can Help Arthritis - long-term use of these medications can have serious adverse consequences on the liver, kidneys, and stomach. Cryotherapy and Contrast Therapy are safe and effective alternatives for most people. Find out more...
  • Spring: Hydration, Warm-up and the Right Tools - Those sunny and warm days may have you excited about your new fitness routine, but too many of us will jump in headfirst and pay the price. There's a better way! Read to find out how...
  • Six Tips for Enjoying Sports - An injury is more than mere aches and pains. Injury is typically defined as damage to an athlete which limits or prevents normal participation in a sport or activity. A key to successful and enjoyable athletic participation and success is limiting such events. Read these 6 Tips to find out more...
  • Posture (Mom was right!) - Sit up straight! Your mother or grandmother may have repeated this to you when you were younger. As it turns out, she had a valid point. How can you keep from looking like a hunched-over grandma or grandpa, before your time? How can you reap the health benefits of good posture? Here are some facts and tips.
  • Self-care Tips for Your Feet - Foot and ankle problems are very common... and very painful. What can a chiropractor do to help? What can you do to help yourself? Here are some facts and tips, courtesy of the Virginia Chiropractic Association.
  • Safety Tips plus The Risks of Heavy Backpacks and How to Test your Child's Backpack - Heavy backpacks can cause growing frames to experience temporary backaches, joint pain, even muscle strains and headaches; and some children may begin a lifetime of these problems. Here's a simple tip: Weigh your child, and then weigh his or her backpack. A child's daily backpack shouldn't weigh more... read more
  • Simple Steps You can Take to Prevent Lower Back Pain - Learn how to control some of the risk factors for back problems; what is a “caloric deficit”; and how to live better with less down-time and more time to live the life you want.   Read more
  • October is National Chiropractic Health Month. 2011's theme is Get TechnoHealthy! Learn more on the TechnoHealthy website.
  • Here's a good online chiropractic magazine called To Your Health that provides practical wellness tips, health tools such as BMI Calculator, Calorie Counter, Daily Diabetes Diet Counter, and an Office Fitness Timer.

Wellness Recipes

For a printable version of the recipe, click the title of the recipe.

  • Beet-Orange Salad with Crispy Goat Cheese Rounds (Gluten-Free)   A deliciously vibrant salad that I found when shopping for gluten-free recipes for patients. It is very Moroccan-inspired, and a beautiful addition to your main course.
  • Cranberry Orange Bread   My grandmother used to make this recipe - give it a try and tell us what you think!
  • Chili   This is my family’s chili recipe -- I always add lots of veggies to make it healthier for the family!
  • Vegan Protein Bars, made with organic peanut butter or almond butter, agave nectar, chocolate protein powder, rolled oats, and ground flax seed
  • Quick Fruit Smoothie, made with real fruit, and with an added protein and fiber boost!

Archived Basics First Chiropractic E-newsletters

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  • April 2013 - H1N1, "The Flu," and YOU - Things You May Not Know
  • March 2013 - The Anti-Inflammatory Diet (You Are What You Eat!) 
  • December 2012 - doTERRA offers great, natural solutions to some every day health challenges we face.  I always believe in trying natural, effective remedies first.  We have ways of managing your mood and stress; oils for pain relief; and even some that help weaken the flu virus! 
  • October 2012 - October is National Chiropractic Health Month! So this year our theme is FIND YOUR GAME! We want everyone to find the energy they need for the individual goals they may have. Find out why you shouldn't necessarily 'play through the pain' and the new specialized technique chiropractors are using to treat musculoskeletal injuries.
  • September 2012 - Medicine Cabinet Makeover; we now offer Massage Therapy!
  • May 2012 - May is Strong Bone month.  We are teaching patients how to take better care of their bones with the correct supplements and of course with good chiropractic care!
  • January 2012 - Three Events You Won't Want to Miss!
  • December 2011 - How to Handle Holiday Stress
  • November 2011 - Preventing Falls; A Time for Giving
  • October 2011 - Are you TechnoHealthy or TechnoFoolish?
  • September 2011 - Back to School: Oh My Aching Backpack
  • March 2011 - What's YOUR Posture Number™?
  • February 2011 - Posture (Mom was right!)
  • October 2010 - Oh, My Aching Feet - News from Dr. Misty Paul
  • September 2010 - Family Chiropractic of Leesburg is now Basics First Chiropractic.